To my Daughter's Grandparents

My daughter turned 2 years old last week. I cannot believe just how fast time has flown by. Being a parentless parent has been a challenge since day one. I cannot call my mother or father to ask for advice or to vent about the hardships of parenthood; and on special occasions, such as birthdays, I am reminded of everything they could have celebrated with me. Although my parents cannot physically be here for my daughter’s birthday, I know that their love is present; I feel it in my core. I have written this poem for mom and dad, to help them celebrate their granddaughter’s birthday. I hope you enjoy it.


My dear daughter's grandparents; my dear late Désiré and late Rose

Let me tell you about my daughter, for in her veins your blood flows

The moment I found out that I was with child, it almost felt like time froze

Out of billions of possibilities for this gift, I am the one the universe chose

When I laid my eyes on her for the first time, a new light in my heart arose

I felt a wave of overwhelming joy from the top my head right down to my toes

So many things reminded me of you; the colour of her skin and the shape of her nose

I knew I’d love her forever, as sure as in winter the arctic sky snows

She is the sweetest little girl; into a smart young woman, each day, she grows

Like you, mom, she has a beautiful smile, and the sparkle in her eyes forever glows

At 2 years old she is so opinionated, she even picks out all her own clothes

Like you, dad, she is quite assertive, upon her there isn’t a thing anyone can impose

My motherhood journey without you has seen many highs and lows

I’ve learnt to make the perfect lemonade out of most the lemons life throws

For every single birthday, and every single candle my daughter blows

I’ll be grateful for her beloved grandparents; forever grateful for Désiré and Rose