Thoughts of an Orphan Bride

I looked into the mirror, and I was happy. The long white dress fit my curves perfectly, my skin glistened under the light of the summer sun, and the pearls in my braid completed the whole look. I was about to marry my best friend, but at the back my mind I couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to have my parents present on my special day. Here are the thoughts of an orphan bride...

As a child I dreamt of the day mom would help me pick a gown

Pearls or lace? White or ivory? A diamond tiara or a crown?

I dreamt of her choosing my jewellery - a beautiful bracelet and a ring

I knew she'd be the proudest mom; she wouldn't miss a single thing

As a little girl, I dreamt of the day daddy would walk me down the aisle

He'd wear a blue tie and a black suit; and on his face, he'd wear a big smile

I dreamt of how my dad would cry the moment I'd say "I do"

His little girl marrying her prince would make him shed a tear or two

But as my sister helped me into my dress, mom was nowhere to be found

Her soul looked down from heaven, and her body lay peaceful underground

I knew she would've loved my dress; she would've most certainly approved

She would've helped tighten the bodice and slip my feet into my pearl-white shoes

As I began my walk down the aisle, daddy's soul looked down from heaven too

He couldn't be there to hold my hand nor listen to me say "I do"

His little girl was becoming a wife and he wasn't there to "give her away"

I knew his soul was with me, but in a grave, his body lay

As a little girl, I had never dreamt of being an orphan bride

I never thought I'd be getting married without my parents by my side

I never thought it possible to be so happy and yet so sad

Marrying my best friend while grieving the loss of my mom and dad