I'll Never Let You Die Twice

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to be interviewed by Patricia, creator of "Neshama Journey" (such a beautiful soul, by the way). She shared this Bansky quote that literally changed my grief journey forever. Thank you, Patricia, for sharing this with me and for inspiring this poem dedicated to the loved ones I've lost.

"They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing and the second, a bit later on, when somebody mentions your name for the last time." (Bansky)

As a child, you held my frail newborn hands and kissed my newborn face.

You're the sister I never got to know; the sister our parents named Grace.

Although my mind does not remember you, my soul knows you and that should suffice.

So, I'll be the voice that tells your story to the world; I'll never let you die twice.

In your womb, I once listened to your heartbeat; it's a rhythm my soul knows.

You were more than just my mother, the woman the world knew as Rose.

You lived your life so graciously; every movement looked so precise.

The world deserves to know your beauty, so I'll never let you die twice.

You were the first man to ever love me; the first person who taught me to pray.

You were my number one cheerleader; more than just a father, more than just Désiré.

You did everything for your daughters; for us, there was nothing you wouldn't sacrifice.

I'll forever keep the memory of your fatherhood alive; I'll never let you die twice.

You were an angel sent by God; a majestic rainbow after the rain.

Your pure heart blessed everyone around you; we miss you so much, our dear Elaine.

Although blood did not bind us, I know our souls had once met in paradise.

You gave me the feeling of belonging I had once lost; I'll never let you die twice.