Dear Daddy, Please Don't Cry

Dear Daddy,

Why are you so sad? I can feel your heart bleeding as you watch down from heaven...

I remember overhearing the adults talk on the day you and mom died. They said you took your last breath in the ambulance when you saw your dying wife. Were you sad to see the love of your life draw her last breath? Were you terrified to realize your beloved daughters would never see your face again? Did you die heartbroken with tears in your eyes? Have you been sad ever since?

I remember bits and pieces of you. You had built a throne in your heart for each of us. We were your princesses and mommy was your queen. You treated us like royalty. I remember the love in your eyes.

Oh, your eyes!

Your eyes told a story of both pain and love. In the same year that you welcomed me into this world, you suffered the loss of one of your daughters. Are you with her now? Is she crying too?

Daddy, nothing is your fault! When you were alive you did us no wrong. You were the father people speak of in fiction books - perfect in my eyes. You made me feel warm and you made me feel safe. You made me laugh and you made me feel loved. The world only became a scary place when you were no longer in it.

But daddy, I'm okay now. I'm no longer sad. I'm all grown up with my own daughter now. She has your wife's smile (and name) and she brings me so much joy. Although my heart will forever long for you, my tears are that of love.

Daddy, why are you so sad? I can feel your heart bleeding as you watch down from heaven. Your tears are stopping you from seeing all the wonderful things that are happening to your children. Let the warmth of my love dry your tears so that your eyes can the beauty of my life.

Daddy, please don't cry. I can feel your tears run down my cheeks. I can feel your soul tremble. Daddy, please don't cry.